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Financial Literacy
Energy Organizer
Mah Jongg
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Energy Organizer

Crystal Grid Workshop
day, Sept. 25th, 7-8 pm


October 2, 7pm - 8 pm for a night of relaxation!
Financial Literacy

How Money Works is a guide to budgeting, paying of debt, saving and investing.

Classes on Mondays:

October 16th and 23th

November 6 and 13th


Offered by Community Center

Suggested $5 donation

Registration preferred, walkins wecome – minimum registration must be met for class to be conducted.

Jason Hawkes has experience in financial services and balances it with the joy of his family.                             

He has been working in the Financial Services Industry since 2005 and Securities Industry providing investments since 2006.

He believes that most people need an education to make the best decisions to solve their financial concerns. He really enjoys helping people and providing relief from the stresses about their finances. 

As a volunteer, he hopes participants will gain insights into that may help.                

HIs family is a big part of his life - he is married to his best friend, and they share an amazing daughter. They love to spend time being active, visiting the ocean, and just enjoying our time as parents.         

Mah Jongg

Participants have successfully completed the Beginner Class! 

We continue to play on Tuesdays. Join us at no charge if you already know how to play.

Located at Grace Church,104 North Washington St., North Attleboro, MA

Parking on the street or available at the Sperry & McHoul Funeral Home, 15 Grove Street, No. Attleboro 

If there are funeral services, with the night services starting around 4pm or 5pm, then parking is NOT allowed.

Thank you to Sperry & McHoul for supporting The Center.

Walk up the left side of driveway and access the Center's Red Door.

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