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Who We Are

The Inspiration Behind Our Community+Service+Program

Learn something new every day. When our founder established Community Center of North Attleboro in 2000, this was the goal they had in mind. Our innovative Community+Service+Program inspires and motivates others to challenge themselves and to be open to new experiences. You never know what exciting discoveries await.

Our participants are at the heart of what we do. Each year they motivate us to develop new, exciting programs that immerses them in unique experiences and helps them forge lasting bonds with one another. Join us for our upcoming season — it’s time to embark on that journey you’ve been waiting for.

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About Us

A Truly Unique Community+Service+Program

Community Center of North Attleboro was founded in 2000 with one central mission in mind: creating memories that will last a lifetime. We bring together participants from all walks of life for meaningful experiences year after year. Our immersive programs provide unique opportunities for personal growth and development, but always leave room for plenty of fun.

Our Community+Service+Program incites a zest for learning and exploration, and participants leave feeling fulfilled and inspired. Ready to take part in the action? Come join us for your next adventure.

Community Center of North Attleboro Programs

What’s On Offer

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Immerse yourself in a program that feels like it was designed just for you! We have taken care of all the details so that you have an experience you’ll never forget. Get in touch to learn more and register.

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This program is the perfect way to join a community of people who share common goals and passions. Each participant brings their own perspective and unique background, making each program a one-of-a-kind experience.



This program is fine-tuned to match the goals and expectations of each participant. We put a lot of time and effort into preparing to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

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