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Babe's Basement Craft Emporium

Jason Hancock

Building Community
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Jason Hancock has created works using a variety of mediums and surfaces including plaster, oil paint, watercolor, repurposed materials such as road signs and globes, as well as cigar boxes and rearview mirrors to name a few. 

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A main objective for Jason has always been to give the viewer a unique and singular experience so that they may feel the joy, excitement, and surprises that are crucial to his process.  Art is communication and Jason wishes to present a dialogue with the viewer to bring a new open-mindedness and broader perspective to people's lives. 

Jason’s recent work has been to explore through abstraction personal and psychological issues such as mental health awareness, our addiction prone culture, how to deal and heal from his own past to live a more present, attentive life, and how to keep making art in a world where it is so often under-valued. 

Jason Hancock grew up in North Attleboro, holds a B.A. and a B.F.A. having attended Cleveland Institute of Art, Wheaton College (Norton), and The School of the Museum of Fine arts, Boston.  He currently lives in Plainville, MA.  

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