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Welcome to the
Community Center

Unforgettable Experiences

The Community Center of North Attleboro is a unique community organization.

Offering inclusive experiences that have the power to shape individuals while leaving a positive, lasting impression. We are incorporating as a non profit 501c3 located in Downtown North Attleboro at Grace Church.

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Community Events
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Connecting with people


No matter who you are we are interested in meeting you and connecting you to our Community Center.

Community Programs have both general appeal and are designed to engage with specific audiences.

Events and classes are developed to reach out to children, women, seniors and the younger crowd!

Cindy is leading us in art classes, bringing in great artists of all different mediums.

Providing programs that support the mind, body and spirit enable us to help people help themselves to learn and grow. Lisa B of Carpe Diem Yoga has classes are great and support vigorous and gentle yoga practices. We plan meditative drawing, Reiki and business classes, supporting new home buyers and helping with financials.

Access class descriptions here: []

Events are planned for indoors and outdoors in 2023.  The heart and soul of North Attleboro!

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