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Announcement from the
Community Center

It is with sadness that we announce that the Community Center of North Attleboro will be closing as of July 31, 2024. Many of the programs, teachers and their classes, as well as the gallery of handmade items will be relocated to the Malco Art Center.  The Art Center support during June enabled classes to continue and was much appreciated!

Cindy O'Brien, of Artiste Art and Craft Studio, will be working with Monie and Arun Malhotra, who lead the Art Center. They are looking forward to continuing with classes and events.

The Facebook site will be renamed to support the new venture: a community activities space for all ages.

 Stay tuned for class postings for September.

Cindy’s contact information:, 508-463-7876. 

Malco Art Center 

Rt1, 585 E Washington St

(Rear Building Next to YMCA Teen Center)

North Attleboro, MA

Thank you to all who visited, participated and support the Community Center.
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